Changes ahead

Since demicode have been more or less dormant for the last couple of  years, due to me having a day job to pay my rent , this site will change. From not being used at all  my intention is now to use this blog as a outlet for all my programming related blogging. I realized that incorporating such blog posts in my more personal blog, that I’ve had since the beginning of the previous decade, was not really what my handful of readers would appreciate.

So, this will now be the place where I blog about my programming, and in contrast to my personal blog, this one will be entirely in english.

So, what can you expect? Probably not that many posts, but when I do post the topics might be everything from hacking Z80 assembly for my SEGA Master System to web development or creating games for personal computer and consoles. And everything else tech related.

Lets see where this will lead.