Work in progress

This blog has not seen much action lately, but my coding has been more or less constant. There are code for a few more platforms in my Hello World project, and a few month ago I started writing some code for a SEGA Mega Drive game. It’s no secret that the SMD are one of the platforms that now have a Hello World implementation. I just need to take time to finish up a blog post about it. There are actually two other posts in the pipeline, for the Atari 8bits and Gameboy, even though the Gameboy code is far from working perfectly.

I recently purchased a Skunkboard, which is a development cartridge for the Atari Jaguar. The Jaguar hardware is pretty cool, even though it’s far from bug free, it seems really cool and I can’t wait to get some time free to do some actual work on it. One of my colleagues at work started with a cross platform game project for the Mega Drive and Amiga with a friend of his, and I got the idea to port the game for the Jaguar. I’ll have to wait a while until their code is in a more stable state before I can start porting, but it will be a very interesting project.

Now I better get started with the jumping and colliding code for my Mega Drive game.