Hello Sega Master System

Long overdue, it time for another Hello World hack, and this time it’s for the 8bit console Sega Master System (SMS). Based on the Z80 it will be the first system in this series that is not based on the Motorola M68000 CPU. I learned to code the SMS in 2005, and have release two tiny demo hacks under the alias blind io (you can find them here if really want to see them).

Hello Amiga OCS

Weeks later than I had originally planned, the Amiga OCS is now greeted with a small Hello World sample. Since this is my first time coding the Amiga, most of the time was spent on reading various hardware documentation on what registers to set and why. As I have somewhat more experience with the Atari ST, I will comment on the difference between the two platforms as well as trying to explain what the Amiga code does.

Hello Atari ST

This is the first part of the Hello World Project. As I’ve been an Atari ST owner since the late 80’s, and still code on my ST occasionally, it was an easy choice to begin with this platform. I could write most of this code without looking through documentation, with a few exceptions, like the OS function code number. Before I begin to explain the code, I should tell you that this code is not very system friendly.

Row Chaser no longer available

Since a few month back, I am no longer enrolled in Apples developer program for iOS. A side effect of this is that any application I had on App Store are no longer available. The major reason for this is that I don’t have an iOS device that can run anything newer than iOS 4, and my old iPhone 3G has troubles even running that. I am planning to buy the new iPhone 5 when it is released.

Project: Raindeer

About a year ago, I got fed up with just sitting around at home thinking of all the programming I could be doing, instead of watching TV-series. Triggered by a tweet someone in my feed retweeted, I decided to start with the project. The tweet was something like Make a game, not an engine, which made me realize that I had made two or three more or less working engines, but never actually used them.

Changes ahead

Since demicode have been more or less dormant for the last couple of years, due to me having a day job to pay my rent , this site will change. From not being used at all my intention is now to use this blog as a outlet for all my programming related blogging. I realized that incorporating such blog posts in my more personal blog, that I’ve had since the beginning of the previous decade, was not really what my handful of readers would appreciate.

New project started

Last weekend I had a meeting with my game designer friend at antroia where we decided what our next game should be. This time we could actually test the game play in analog form without the need of a prototype, and we both agreed that this game have the potential to be really good. Since this game is more about thought and less about brainless poking the screen, I can cut the production time quite a bit.

Time flies

The plan was to update this page and have it at a near-final state when the games was released, but time as it seems, flies. None of the sites I’ve made have ever had a final state anyway, so this site will probably be it constant change, just like the web is supposed to be.

Row Chaser released!

My first game is now available in the AppStore! Only in Australia for now, but within a day it will be available in an AppStore near you.

A new beginning

After realizing that using drupal would be to aim a bit too high, I decided to use a more fitting system for this site. Due to laziness and recent work with other things, the game I’ve been working on has been postponed for quite some time now. We now aim to release it some time in the coming month, that is some time in January 2010, depending on how long it takes for apple to approve it.